We will be posting a map as we finish it. In the meantime you can view this map of the area here:


On this map we are located 5 blocks south of ORQUIDEAS about where the box is that says Pan AM Highway #1.

The reason we do not show up on maps is that these maps are generally at websites which reserve hotels and charge a commission to the hotel when you reserve. Since we do not pay commissions to keep our prices lower to you then you will not see us located on a map.
Here is a description of our location and Monteverde in general:

Monteverde is more a region than a town. Our town is called Santa Elena which has two supermarkets, banks, pharmacy, many souvenir shops and restaurants. There is no real Monteverde town.

We are known as Monteverde because of the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve.

From the town of Santa Elena it is about 25 minutes to the end of two roads leading out of town. One goes to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. Also along this road are located the Canopy and Suspension Bridge tours.

The other road leads to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and passes the Cheese Factory, Bajo de Tigre trails and many hotels and restaurants.

Everything then is spread out. You can stay at one hotel close to the Monteverde Reserve which is nice and quiet. However then you are farther from town and restaurants and stores.

You can stay in town which is very convenient to walk to stores and restaurants. The trade off is a bit more noise.

Or you can stay at any hotel along or off the main roads. Then you have a good chance for less noise.

Rainbow Valley Lodge is close to town but yet the rooms are isolated down below the road and thus more quiet.

We are located a 15 minute walk to town and three minutes in a vehicle. We are located on the road leading out of Santa Elena going south down the mountain to the main Inter American highway (# 1 ).

We are 10 blocks north (towards town) from the new gas station.